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Here is the Janurary ‘11 cover of the British graphic design publication Computer Arts, which is an extraordinary source of tips and friendly tutorials in order to simply be up to date with new tecnics, all kind of brushes, effects, of the market.

We also recommend its little sis’ Computer Arts Projects, dedicated to photography for graphic designers. All the knowhow to do a good picture from how to choose the correct extension to a professional print.

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The International Möbel Messe: Ingenious contemporary design

The International Möbel Messe, which take end this thursday is one of Europe’s oldest and largest contemporary furniture fairs in Cologne, Germany.

Less focused on business than the other fair of that kind, nonetheless creative. The ‘D3 Design Talents’ which take place during the I.M.M fair is a big deal a generate each year a big buzz helping the rise of the emerging talent and giving a quick sketch of design’s evolution.

This year, 28 promising designs were selected from 862 entries. Next, see a few work of some participants, some winners.

  • The co-winner of the first prize was the Ola folding table by Oskar Tembom and Petter Danielson of the Swedish design studio AKKA.
  • Harry Thaler’s Pressed bendable aluminum chairs shared the first prize at the D3 Design Talents competition.
  • Dohoon Kim’s Tension Bentwood Chair uses only the wood’s natural tension—rather than traditional molding or steaming—to bend it.

Source: tmagazine

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