Genesis de JAM Graphic digital — Part 1

Recently I came back to Europe after 10 years living in México. A change that started a new dynamic not only personal but also profesional. It’s time to renew my cv and website. Here I’ll explain in a serie of publication the genesis of the (now project.

The idea:

a digital space where to show my professional skills and experience and activities in cross devices.

What’s required:

  • Multi language (Spanish, english, french in order of importance)
  • Speed load
  • SEO friendly
  • Accessible (to disable)
  • Easy to administrate
  • Quickly online (short deadline)

Personal restrictions:

Mobile first. A way to be sure that all of the previous requirement will be respected from the start.

Development strategy:

  • jQuery
  • WordPress (easy to admin)

Development tools:

  • Bootstrap (reduce the time production)
  • Gulp to automatize tasks (reduce the time production)
  • Sass

Content Wise

Define which content I what, and most of all, what content I’m sure I’ll publish with frequency. (I want to work on my SEO). Categorize the content and classify it in a pyramidal importance.

The tree diagram of the website

Visually Wise

I what to express my creative graphical value and mix it with my digital expertise. Make people understand that I know my stuff. Keeping in mind that the content is the star, and should be nice and easy to read/see.

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