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This past wednesday, 12th of september, I assisted for first the time to a Uxer’s conference, the subject being Service design.

Uxer is the frontline competency of Iron Hack, a UX design school with physical adress in Madrid. I would say that they are even more focused in UX than Iron Hack considering that they exclusively offer UX oriented courses.

The conference

The conference was lead by 3 speakers who occupies high level position within important companies:

  • Juan José Elizondo (who also co-organize the Interaction Design Foundation of Madrid ), UX optimazation Manager at Leroy Merlin
  • Andrés Botero, Global Design Lead in BBVA
  • David Murillo, Innovation and Design Director at Telecoming

Each of them presented how service design is included in their work. I will sum up what I consider being major information.

What’s service design ?

With the service design, we are not only concerned with the experience provided to the user when he interacts with the final product, but also by the experience extended by the whole ecosystem which surround that product; from the first time the client will hear about the product, to the first contact he will have with the company, the presentation of the product, the packaging, the look and feel of the shops,  and the post sale customer service. We are talking about a strong coherence between the company strategy and its products, which, when it exists, leads to an logical and 360º immersive experience into the value of the company, its culture and converts the user into an addict and promoter of the product and brand.

A concrete exemple of service design

Lets take the Ikea case. The experience felt in the shops allows the client to project it self into its future, to experiement the product, and even generate new ideas (needs). He is testing and dreaming. He has questions immediately anwsered by the seller, and facilities to take away the furniture.  The snag is that, by delegating the delivery to a third party, Ikea breaks down all the efforts previouly made neither the look of the providers employees will match Ikea branding, neither it language, work ethic, value or profesionalism. Not only the service design isn´t complete but it can also lead to a disastrous experience inevitably associated with Ikeas’ image.

In conclusion

I will quote one of the most reliable UX source to deliver a final definition of the term Service Design:

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing a business’s resources (people, props, and processes) in order to (1) directly improve the employee’s experience, and (2) indirectly, the customer’s experience.

Imagine a restaurant where there are a range employees: hosts, servers, busboys, and chefs. Service design focuses on how the restaurant operates and delivers the food it promises—from sourcing and receiving ingredients, to on-boarding new chefs, to server-chef communication regarding a diner’s allergies. Each moving part plays a role in the food that arrives on the diner’s plate, even though it is not directly part of their experience. Service design can be mapped using a service blueprint.

About the Uxer events

You can find their events in Meetup to stay up to date with the UX design trends and evolution, and connect with the community.

The conference took place in a nice space, The Cube, a co-working space dedicated to host T.I. oriented companies (from big corporations to small startups) . The user experience of this Hub is 90% satisfying: the installations, accessibility (from the metro yes, for disable people not at all), sounds and video are awesome. The -10% goes to the awful chairs made for people to stay 10 minutes sat down on it before being victim of bottom pain and being on the hurry to change position every 5 minutes.

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