Portafolio de proyectos UX, UI e diseño gráfico.
Por temas de confidencialidad, muchos son proyectos de más de 2 años o casos de estudios y análisis de patrones que emprendí por mi cuenta.

Architecture of information: Task flow, User flow, taxonomy diagram
Example of task flow and user flow designer for a proyect on which one I've recently work. I can't communicate a zoom in version on the navigation flow due to the Confidentiality, Nondisclosure Agreements.
Taxonomy Diagram.
Regrouping the main categories and entities of the app under various concepts allows me to understand the inter-relationship between them, simplify the understanding of the app and gives directions for the arquitecture design of the interface (Navigation and content of each screen).
Task Flow
Account Creation
Task Flow
Task Flow
Holiday permission process — detailed on 3 development iterations