Portafolio de proyectos UX, UI e diseño gráfico.
Por temas de confidencialidad, muchos son proyectos de más de 2 años o casos de estudios y análisis de patrones que emprendí por mi cuenta.

1- Mundo Joven wants a better version of the responsive website on mobile device. 2- From that optimization, deduce an App dedicated to the flight (vuelos) and insurance (seguros) menus.

They assigned me to complete the visual part of that work.
Here you will se the search from scratch (first ideas on paper), the mockups, user journey, the UI.
Mockups + User journey
of the mobile app

The UI
the mobile version of the website 

The UI is of course based on the mockups. For the look, I follow the design guideline applied to the current website. I design icons which look matches the global identity of the brand and is understandable to the final user.
I make subtle separations between buttons of the search engine.
I make sure that the content hierarchy is clean and clear to ensure a good readability.
After having presented the work to the developers, we decide for the website version, to get rid off those customized functionalities in favor of the native ones.