Portafolio de proyectos UX, UI e diseño gráfico.
Por temas de confidencialidad, muchos son proyectos de más de 2 años o casos de estudios y análisis de patrones que emprendí por mi cuenta.

FamiYa - UX, UI, D.A. (2014)
FamiYa is a website of service exchange between two person (not profesional). For instance, I need people to help me to move a sofa this next saturday, I can check who's free that day in the area, and compare its cost with other offer.
Cliente based in Barcelona. Designed while working in the web agency Digital Solutions in México (CDMX)
I designed the identity (logo), the visual concept of the website, and of course the UX and UI.
Here I present some of the logo proposal and a sample of pages of the website.
Note that the name has changed during the logo design process. At fist FamiYa was named In paco we trust.

The majority of the proposal ar based on vivid and fun colors inspired by the spanish culture.